Sarawak day 6 – A second day in Mulu

Todays adventure was by boat up theĀ Melinau Paku River, from our hotel to deep into Mulu National Park. We travelled upstream with our guide Henry and Hazer from the Sarawak orchid Society who helped out with everything.

We stopped at Henry’s Penan tribal village to see and buy traditional crafts including these blowpipes made by Henry’s dad (he is on the left) We had a try which was great fun if short on accuracy.

We explored two more caves and the surrounding forest which including seeing some great orchids.

Spending two days in this wonderful environment has been a real treat and we will definitely be returning with future groups.






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  1. Gareth Buckle says:

    My jealousy level has gone poast its max ! What an experience, im looking forward to yiur return to see the pics and hear the tales,

  2. Anna Jones says:

    What an amazing experience!