Proboscis monkey welcomes us to the Bako National Park


Today we travelled by boat, with our Orchid society Of Sarawak friends, to the the Bako National Park, a forested peninsular at the end of the Sarawak River. We waded ashore onto a deserted sandy beach and were immediately met by a Proboscis Monkey munching on leaves high up on the cliff.

These very rare and shy primates are of course remarkable for their gigantic noses. This one was apparently an old male that had been kicked out by the rest of his troop, although he seemed very content chewing on his leaves.

More primates were to come and after we met our excellent guides Mohamed and Wan. As we started our days trek we came across a large group of Silverleaf Monkeys. These are remarkable for their being grey monkeys with orange infants.

Thanks to Joe for the amazing leaping mother and baby photo below.

More Bako later after dinner.


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  1. Spencer page says:

    Amalia said that Zoe is like crocodile Dundee

  2. Nicky Albrow says:

    These pictures are amazing! Well done joe…great shot of the jumping monkey.
    One week to go…think we are going to need a whole presentation evening to hear about all you’ve been up to.

  3. Jenny Robinson says:

    You lucky, lucky people! Incredible! Somerset is going to seem rather boring in comparison.

  4. Emma Slevin says:

    What an amazing adventure – a staggering amount of experiences in such a short time. It’s wonderful to feel as though we are all there with you. Thank you for this brilliant blog and for all the great photos.

  5. Gareth Buckle says:

    Just amazing