Pleurothallis lynniana – 365 days of orchids – day 999

We have reached day 999 in our daily flowering orchid and this evening is Open Evening at Writhlington, so it is brilliant to have so many dramatic orchids in flower.

Our plant of Pleurothallis lynniana is becoming quite a specimen and the wonderfully droopy looking leaves now surround its cork mount. Their is something very reminiscent of the posture of a vulture in this species – don’t you think.

Pleurothallis lynniana is endemic to Ecuador and we find it grows well in deep shade on a north facing wall in our Cool Americas section. We grow the species mounted which suits its growth habit which is horizontal to pendulous.

Flowers form from the leaf axils and leaves bloom successively over a very long period and are large for the plant as well as being a great colour with dark red stripes on a yellow ground colour.

The plant here has been flowering on and off since the early spring making a wonderful part of the collection.

Day 1000 tomorrow !!!!


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