Pleurothallis dentipetala – 365 days of orchids – day 997

Costa Rica is a country we have visited a couple of times, and one that has had a big impact on our project. We visited in 2005 and spent a fascinating time in the rich forests on Poas volcano where Writhlington students explored forests diversity and pollinator relationships with two groups winning places at the finals of the UK National Science and Engineering competition.

Cost Rica has a great diversity of Pleurothallis species and their allies and one we grow but have not yet featured on 365 days of orchids is this small growing species with long sprays of small but very attractive flowers. The species gets its name from the toothed edges to the petals.

The species is found in the area we explored in wet forest from 900-1500m which is a little warmer than some of the cloud forest pleurothallis species we grow making this species less fussy about warm summer temperatures as long as it is kept moist. The plant here is in a 3cm pot but we also grow the species mounted and in baskets.

Writhlington students in wet forest at 1400m altidude in Costa Rica in 2005


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