Phalaenopsis bellina – 365 days of orchids – day 977

Just three weeks ago we were in Sarawak and we are now working hard to plan the details of our next trip there in October. It is therefore very appropriate that Phalaenopsis bellina, Sarawak’s state flower, is blooming here. The plant shown is growing at home where it is filling my dining room with its strong rose fragrance. (yes it is unmistakably smells of sweet roses). As a plant that enjoys deep shade and warm temperatures it is well suited to indoor culture.

This phalaenopsis species is found across Borneo and it grows it hot lowland forest in swamps or near rivers. Plants grow low in trees where it is often in deep shade. The species grows very attractive large undulating leaves and flower spikes that produce large fragrant flowers successively over a long period so the plant will be in flower now until late in the autumn.

 Phalaenopsis bellina in Sarawak



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  1. A Jones says:

    I always think it very strange when candles and cosmetics etc are described as “Orchid” scented. What is orchid scented? Orchids have such a wide variety of scents from the truly disgusting smell of rotting flesh or urine to absolutely wonderful aromatic floral or citrus or spicy perfumes. Why are products described as “vanilla scented” not marked Orchid at all?

    A greenhouse filled with the scents of these different orchids smells is wonderful.

    I hope you are really enjoying your rose scented orchid with it’s beautiful flowers!