Nearly there – Kuala Lumpur – Monday morning

Our first flight was nearly 13 hours from Heathrow to Kuala Lumpur, the food was enjoyed by all, films by most, Jess and Tallis found an interesting documentary on phyto-plankton, and Simon and Annie were gripped by the Cricket World Cup – congratulations to England. In Kuala Lumpur we have passed through immigration and are ready to catch our internal flight (plane behind Chloe, Jess and Tallis) to Kuching. We have a couple of hours to wait and will keep an eye out for tropical birds amongst the palms surround ing the airport.


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  1. Gareth Buckle says:

    Your picks are very dark but great to see none the less

  2. Gareth Buckle says:

    Your pictures are very dark! So whats on the agenda for today