More from the MRSM orchid project expo

As you can see from the photographs, this mornings expo was a fitting climax to a wonderful, and very productive, two weeks here in Sarawak. The MRSM students presented their work under three heading;Orchids in-vitro, Orchids and laboratory science, Orchid lifecycle and conservation, and Project progress 2019. As well as their posters (below) they prsented with the aid of their seedlings in-vitro, adult orchids, microscopes and all the other equipment they have been using this week.


The students were amazing and and we are all very proud of them . Mendip and Writhlington students have of course been concentrating on delivering skills and knowledge to the MRSM students and so had no time to prepare, but did a wonderful job of explaining the project in the UK including the labs and greenhouses, shows, research and expeditions.

Towards the end of the student visits (we had around three hundred students visit the expo) the VIP visitors began to arrive including the Director of Agriculture for Kuching District (here talking to Otto), the forestry department, the previous Mayor of North Kuching, and our now good friend Sarifah Jalihah Abdullah from the Kuching Centre for Technical Excellence (CENTEXS)

It is clear that the project is having a real impact here in Kuching, and that everyone is keen to be a part of the project as it moves forward. Well done everyone.

We also had some lovely posters of all the team and their orchid biographies. The posters caused a stir amongst a large group of the MRSM girls and when asked who their favourite is this happened –



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