Late night laundry

A few of us finished another amazing day with a visit to the laundrette. With a range of colours and whites all heading into one machine it was decided two .. or even three washers on at the same time was the best idea. Sorting clothes for tumble drying a bit concerning at first but soon got to grips with clothes labels.

Ahh.. clean clothes!


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  1. AJones says:

    I don’t believe it Edward. Laundry can be your job when you get home. Would Jane or perhaps Simon, please teach you to iron too!

  2. Nicky Albrow says:

    Eleanors laundry skills put to the test…I hope she was listening to our tutorial at home!!!!

  3. Katherine Jones says:

    Probably the first time Edwards used a washing machine or looked at a clothes label. The most Edward does with his dirty clothes is throws them down the stairs! Edward you don’t need to throw them at your mother now, you can do it yourself!

  4. Rachel says:

    Hurrah! Not such a smelly Edward any more