After very busy day in School we have been exploring Kuching – famed for its cat statues, waterfront and Sarawak Layer Cake.

We have tried the cake – blue is mint and brown is chocolate – drunk sweet rose and lemon drinks by the Sarawak river, and explored the shops. Only Harris has so far been tempted by fish flops!


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  1. Gareth Buckle says:

    ISSY NO! No to fish flops you don’t need them

  2. Jenny Robinson says:

    Lovely to see you all relaxing after working so hard. I wonder who the fish flops are for Harris?! Slightly concerned that they look too small for you! I can think of some members of the family who would appreciate the pun though… X

  3. Nicky Albrow says:

    Looks warm there today…you all look slightly flushed!!!
    Well deserved bit of shopping by the sounds of it.
    Fish flip flops…..very strange one…apparently remarkably comfortable though

  4. Roddy Macaulay says:

    It’s great to see you all exploring and looking happy after your work earlier! Nice fish flops 😀

  5. Emma Slevin says:

    What a fantastic experience you are all having. It’s blowing a gale in Somerset today, so enjoy that lovely tropical weather. I’m shocked that Otto hasn’t bought himself a pair fish-flops yet (there’s always tomorrow).

  6. Steff says:

    No Laura! You
    Don’t need fish flops!! Xx

  7. Anna Jones says:

    Those cats are amazing, why don’t we have cat statues here?!