Insects of Mulu

  Once again in Mulu is was the Lantern Bugs that really caught our attention from the insect world. These are two of the very rarely seen (even by Henry) Pyrops cultellata while this one (below) is Zanna nobilis with a particularly spikey ‘nose’.

We saw Pyrops intricatus again (below green) but not Pyrops sultanus (below white) that we saw in July.

Having now seen four species of Lantern Bug we are fast becoming real experts in them.

Some insects are much harder to spot in a wet forest but we also found three species of stick insect. The best spot was this one (can you spot the stick insect on the tree trunk?)

 Answers in a comment please!

Some other well camoflaged insects gave them selves away such as this leaf insect Ancylecha fenestrata which has eaten so much of the leaf it is hiding on that it was easy to spot.

Lots of butterflies too and moths attracted late at night to a white sheet by Ed J and his ultraviolet torches. Thanks to all the team for keeping a good eye out to spot all these incredible species – hooray for insects.


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  1. Gary Stretton says:

    Fascinating glimpse at the bugs you’re encountering. A few may have inspired The Clangers! Thank you for the informative updates, they’re an essential part of our day now, too