Hi I’m Zoe

For those I have not yet had the pleasure to meet, I am an ex student of the orchid project and now a professional horticulturalist.

I left school 5 years ago after being part of the project for all of my school years. I got involved in all aspects of the project but my passion was with the plants and spent most of my time amongst the orchids in the greenhouse.

I can still remember the first day I went into the school greenhouse, this was the old one where the hot house was a greenhouse within a greenhouse, I was blown away with the colours and textures of all the plants crammed in, and from that day on, the orchid bug stuck.

I was very fortunate to be able to develop my knowledge, travel and life skills through trips to South Africa, Rwanda and Sikkim. It allowed me to independently travel to talk at the World Orchid Congress in Johannesburg when I was 18.

After school, I trained for a year at the University of Bristol Botanic Gardens, and it soon occurred to me that I absolutely loved all things horticulture. Further to this I worked as a private gardener and I am currently looking after 56 acres of land at Prior Park College. After lots of experiences and placements, still enjoying all aspects of the plant world, a route of tropical and sub tropical horticulture is what I would like to pursue.

I am currently one of the adults on the trip to Sarawak, helping alongside the fantastic students of the project and an opportunity to share and extend my knowledge.

The project has been the root of my passion, and I am very thankful to be able to develop a career in something that I find so enjoyable.



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  1. Annie says:

    Thank you Zoe that was a brilliant introduction.
    I love that you’re passion and interest for plants is catching and you are really good at getting this across to people.
    And you’ve always been brilliant with the younger students.
    So I bet you’re making a fantastic adult helper.
    I bet you’re In you’re absolute element in the forests of Sarawak, have you been to Kuching orchid garden yet?