Great breakfast at HB-Bread

Up at 6am and our first Kuching Breakfast at HB – lots of choice – everyone sorted. We will give you a run down of the menu tomorrow.

Thanks for all the comments – it is lovely to share that at Breakfast while all in the Uk are fast asleep.

Our bus is here so off to school.


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  1. Annie P-J says:

    That looks like a brilliant cafe, from what I can see food looks good. Looking forward to knowing what the menu contains.
    It’s great to see you all in t shirts,it’s getting very cold here!
    I hope day one goes well and sir isn’t making you work too hard!

  2. Jenny Robinson says:

    Glad to see you all eating well before your busy day. How does the temperature feel to you all? Is the high humidity uncomfortable?

  3. Nicky Albrow says:

    Eating Al Fresco!!!! Very lovely!
    Hoping your day in school goes well.
    You all look settled and relaxed. X