Flight cancelled and exploring the forest on Mount Singai

We are not yet in Mulu as our flight was cancelled just as we checked in for mechanical problems!!!

fortunately we had plan B to explore the rainforest on Mount Singai this afternoon.

The photo show us with local guide Elizabeth who’s Bidayuh ancestors lived up on the mountain just Southwest of Kuching.

The forest is rich in plants and animals with highpoints being a flowering Aerides species (more details later) a flying lizard gliding over our heads, a small black snake, and a big ant biting Hannah.

We trekked down in fading light and tropical rain to the village fruit cafe.

Some found the fruit a little surprising – a first taste of Durian which smells foul but tastes “gorgeous”, “ok”, “odd” or “disgusting” depending on which member of the team you ask.

Our flight to Mulu is now 7am tomorrow, so there will still be lots of time in the National Park.


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  1. Jenny Robinson says:

    You all look like authentic explorers and taking small setbacks in your stride. Poncho coming in handy too! X

  2. Steff says:

    Love the picture of Laura and Izzy!!

  3. Nicky Albrow says:

    Such a shame that you had to change your plans, especially since you were actually at the airport! However under the circumstances, I’m quite pleased!

    A real taste of the rainforest looked great…I’m thinking Eleanors response to the durian fruit may have been ‘disgusting’…..she certainly wasnt looking forward to it!

    Pleased that they’ve managed to get a flight tomorrow, fingers crossed for no more hiccups!
    Safe journey x