Epigenium amplum – 365 days of orchids – day 1044


Another large species growing in Cool Asia is the autumn flowering Epigenium amplum.

This is a large growing and rather straggly species from the Himalayas that we have see in expeditions to Sikkim where it grows around the trunks of large trees forming enormous plants over time. We have found it growing in moist evergreen forests at around 1400m although it has been recorded from 500 to 2100m.

The large flowers are long lasting and although well spread out, provide a great display on a large plant.

We find that baskets are the best way to grow the species and spray daily to ensure that the plan t gets sufficient water. As the plant grows the growths can eventually be trained round in a circle to give a denser specimen that is both easier to handle and provides more flower impact than one where the flowers are all at the ends of long growths. In the wild large plants encircle trees in mossy damp conditions and that is what we are trying to replicate in our greenhouse.

We wrapped our plant onto a flat basket last year and it is starting to really appreciate getting a good supply of water and feed to the newer growths.


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