Dendrochilum cobbianum – 365 days of orchids – day 1032

Last month we featured our enormous Dendrochilum magnum plant and today we have the closely related Dendrochilum cobbianum with 68 flower spikes reaching perfection.

This makes it the best year yet beating 2018 (below) when it had 60 flower spikes with a total  of over 2000 flowers.


This stunning orchid species is native to the Philippines where it grows in damp evergreen forest  above 1200m altitude. We grow the plant in our warm asia section with conditions very similar to the habitat (min 17C) and it is clearly very at home. We grow the plant in a large basket (a free crate from the local market) and we water it daily.

New flowers come from the centre of the new growths every autumn and are long lasting and fragrant. The plan is particularly impressive with its contrast between the cream flowers and dark green leaves.



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