Damai Beach


After the long journey and hard work at MRSM the Mendip and Writhlington Orchid Project Team deserved a bit of a break and we headed to the wonderful Damai Beach, for an hour of walking on the sand and looking for crabs, where the rainforests of Mount Santubong reach down to the South China Sea.

The beach was teaming with crab species including masses of hermit crabs, this extraordinary Starlight Crab and a small fast one that avoided photographs. Issy really ‘found crabs like a hero’.

The beach was followed by a feast of an introduction to the food of Sarawak. Specialities such as Laksa Sarawak and Mee Kolok Sarawak were tried and enjoyed by all and we headed back to the hotel tired but happy. I am very proud of the team who have been complemented today for their politeness, smart appearance,  knowledge, maturity and enthusiasm – what more can i say, except “set your alarm for 6am, we have a busy day tomorrow”



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  1. Jenny Robinson says:

    I love hermit crabs! First glimpse of Santubong too, how exciting!

  2. Simon Inger says:

    Looks amazing, keep up the good work, play and feasting!