Cattleyas throughout the year

In this morning’s post I suggested that we have cattleya species in flower every month of the year and I have been challenged to prove it – so here are images from the posts of 2018:

January – cattleya percivaliana 

February – Cattleya trianae 

March – Cattleya intermedia 

April – Cattleya schroderae 

May – Cattleya lobata 

June – Cattleya purpurata 

July – Cattleya rex 

August – Cattleya forbesii 

September -Cattleya bicolor 

October  – Cattleya bowringiana 

November – cattleya walkeriana 

December – Cattleya coccinea 

Why don’t you add some cattleyas to your collection?


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  1. Agnes Jones says:

    Congratulations. They are all absolutely amazing. I especially like the pink ones. Isn’t nature wonderful!