Bulbophyllum sumatranum – 365 days of orchids – day 920

This gorgeous large flowered bulbophyllum arrived in a donation collection a few years ago and has responded well to growing damp and shaded in our Warm Asia section.  Bulbophyllum sumatranum is found  from Thailand through Malaysia to Sumatra, where it grows in wet forests from 900-1500m.

The species was relatively recently separated from Bulbophyllum lobbii, which has an overlapping range and is also found further east in the Philippines.  Both species are rather variable in flower shape and colour and so I am not confident that if we come across either in the forests of Sarawak next week that I would be able to separate them.

We are planning to take Kuching school students up into nearby rainforest to identify orchids and our main target will be to help local children to identify their native orchids by genus and Sarawak bulbophyllums are a genus we are looking forward to getting to know.


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