Bulbophyllum dolichoglottis – 365 days of orchids – day 742

As promised today’s orchid is Bulbophyllum dolichoglottis and the plant that has become fixed to yesterday’s Bulbophyllum lilacium.

Unlike Bulbophyllum lilacium, that rapidly wraps itself around tree trunks, this is a miniature species with extraordinary flowers that over time forms a mat of tightly packed bulbs with soft grey/green leaves.

It is native to New Guinea where it is reported at 700m altitude. We have seen similar miniature bulbophyllums in Laos and their habit is to spread so that they clothe the lower branches of their host trees.

We grow the species mounted on cork where it multiplies rapidly. We spray it once a day and hang it in a shady spot in Warm Asia where it flowers several times throughout the year.


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