Bulbophyllum auricomum – 365 days of orchids – day 777

This delicate and graceful species is a national flower of Myanmar and has features in traditional songs and literature as well as in buddhist traditions.

We first came across the species when asked to grow it from seed by a local Buddhist centre where they grew the species in the traditional way on coir matting. We found that the species is easy from seed in-vitro and can even flower in jars.

The species comes from seasonally dry lowland forests and drops its twin leaves in the winter. We find that it needs a really dry winter (we put our plants up on a shelf) or it doesn’t flower and is liable to rot but the particular requirements of the species are worth the effort for these lovely fragrant flowers. During the summer we water heavily to encourage large bulbs for good flowering and the species spens all year in our Warm Asia section.

In Myanmar it is known as Thazin and is popular for bridal adornment but as we have no-one getting married in orchid project this month we will enjoy the flowers and pollinate a few for the next generation of seedlings.

If you are interested in the Orchids of Myanmar do look up the conservation project being developed by our good friend Dino Zelinka and Thant Sin Aye. Their next tour to Myanmar is being organised and more details can be found at their website.


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