Best in Show at the Devon Orchid Show

The Devon Orchid Show has been a wonderful day (as usual) thanks to great team who organise the show.

Eleanor, Amalia and Ed are collecting several trophies later for our awards including:

 Odontoglossum cristatum – won Best Oncininae species – Oncidinae trophy – Best Species and Best in Show.

Vanda ampulaces – Won best Vandae species and the Vandae trophy

Cymbidium devonianum – won best Cymbidium species and the Cymbidium trophy.

 Bulbophyllum phalaenopsis – won best any other species and the Any Other trophy

 Epidendrum parkinsonianum – won best Laeliniae species and the Laeliniae trophy

 There were also awards of merit for Prostheche cochleata, Lycaste aromatica

A massive well done to the Orchid Project team at school for growing such wonderful plants.



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