An evening by the sea

Tonight we ate seafood by the sea, with Bako across the bay on the horizon.


We all tried Jellyfish and Joe liked it the most. Ed J is a massive fan of prawns and Issy loves crab soup. Tallis had another birthday cake, this time made of water melon slices.


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  1. A Jones says:

    I am glad to see Edward that we share the same taste in food. Must be the Whitstable genes!

  2. Nicky Albrow says:

    Definitely dinner with a view!!! You could even have the watermelon cake Eleanor…winner!!!

  3. Annie says:

    What a brilliant cake,your hand matches the cake Tallis
    Fantastic looking restaurant
    Have you seen any kingfishers yet!

  4. Roddy Macaulay says:

    Seafood? I wonder if Harris had anything! He isn’t keen on UK style fish & chips but maybe something more exotic might have been ok?

  5. Emma says:

    What a wonderful way to celebrate your birthday Tallis. Interested to hear from Otto that Jelly fish has the inner crunch of a carrot and the after taste of an apple. Looking forward to Joe cooking up a seafood storm on his return!