Aerangis mystacidii – 365 days of orchids – day 1013

We currently have a greenhouse full of Aerangis species in flower. These African and Madagascan species are amongst some of our most interesting and easiest to grow from seed.

Aerangis mystacidii is endemic to South Africa growing in forest along rivers in dryer areas and in evergreen forests in wetter areas. We have seen related species flourishing in woodland just north of Durban (see photo below) during our visit in 2011.

The photo shows several species, probably Mystacidium capense, Mystacidium venosum and Microcoelia obovata, growing together on a small branch in semi-evergreen coastal forest.

The natural habitat suggests that the Aerangis mystacidii will enjoy shaded conditions with very good drainage but some water throughout the year.

The flowering plant shown is has been growing in my kitchen dining room, for three years, about 1m back from an east facing window. The plant is mounted on a cube of cork bark that sits in a shallow saucer to allow watering. The plant is watered twice a week and not allowed to sit in water.

So when I am asked “Is it possible to grow mounted orchids in a house?” the answer is yes. We also have plants mounted in the greenhouse where we find the species one of the easier Aerangis species to grow. We grow them in shade in Warm Asia though they will grow cooler.


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  1. A Jones says:

    Beautiful. Lovely African Violet too!