Adononcos parviflora- 365 days of orchids – day 1086

We are delighted to have lots of our miniature species flowering this week in time for the Christmas orchid festival next Saturday. One of our most reliable miniatures is this tiny vandaceous species from South East Asia and Malaysia so is another of our Sarawak Orchid Species.

The species grows in low montane and hill forest from 300-1300m and so it is very at home in our Warm Asia section. We grow this species on a small piece of cork bark as you can see in the photo. This shows the plant off in a natural way and stops it getting smothered by moss. We spray it with water once a day.

The flower is tiny but very attractive as long as you have good eye sight or a macro lens. We guess it must be pollinated by a gnat or a tiny ant as it is close to the stem. Flowers are produced throughout the year and are always a point of interest. We are pleased that the plants here has started to produce side shoots and so is slowly heading towards becoming a specimen.


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