Fun with blowpipes

During our visit to the Penan tribe’s village, we had some fantastic fun shooting darts at a target using the traditional hunting weapon of a blow pipe.

The darts are traditionally dipped with poisonous latex from the tree Antiaris toxicaria, which can kill a human in a matter of minutes. Fortunately for us, the darts had not been dipped.

Great range can be achieved with a single powerful blow causing the dart to come out at great speed. We were then able to buy our own blowpipes from Henry’s father and uncle who also showed us how they were made. Watch out parents, lots of purchases were made. 


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  1. Gareth Buckle says:

    I’ve nearly mastered the one from July! We have very well behaved cats now!!!

    • Simon Pugh-Jones says:

      Well done Gareth – perhaps that is how the people of Kuching get their cats to pose for statues.

  2. Nicky Albrow says:

    That would have made for a very interesting risk assessment had you been given dipped darts!!!

    Is there much call for the blowpipe back home? Will have to get thinking as to a use…..any suggestions Eleanor?

  3. Jenny Robinson says:

    What an amazing souvenir to bring home and fantastic to support local people.

  4. Steff says:

    Well that’ll be a step up from nerfs!

  5. A Jones says:

    Shame on you Simon! No need to look so pleased with yourself.