Masdevallia trigonopetala – 365 days of orchids – day 1073

This is one of our smaller Masdevallias. The plant is about 5cm across and produces gorgeous 1cm waxy, long lasting flowers in the autumn and spring. The species is native to cloud forests of Ecuador and Colombia and so we grow it cool and moist throughout the year. It seems to be particularly happy mounted […]


Cattleya labiata – 365 days of orchids – day 1071

Today’s Cattleya is is native to northern Brazil and Venezuela where it grows in warm forest from 600-900m altitude. This is one of the unifoliate (one leaved) cattleyas from south America which has large pink flowers in common with other related species. Cattleya labiata was the first cattleya named (making it the type species) in […]