Aerides odorata (Sarawak form)- 365 days of orchids – day 1043

The highlight of yesterday’s trek up Mount Singai was the wonderful white and yellow form of Aerides odorata. Plants were growing in shade amongst tall trees at 100m altitude. The first photo shows one of several flowering plants with the characteristic long curved spur. we have seen the species before in the Himalayas in Sikkim […]


Flight cancelled and exploring the forest on Mount Singai

We are not yet in Mulu as our flight was cancelled just as we checked in for mechanical problems!!! fortunately we had plan B to explore the rainforest on Mount Singai this afternoon. The photo show us with local guide Elizabeth who’s Bidayuh ancestors lived up on the mountain just Southwest of Kuching. The forest […]


Kuching Cat Museum

We are heading to the airport via the Cat Museum – Kuching is Malay for cat. The museum has an interesting feature on the five native cats of Sarawak, Leopard Cat, Marble Cat, Flat Headed Cat,  Clouded Leopard and Bay Cat. The specimens are all road kill victims so some look a little odd but […]