During our evening out exploring Kuching, we came across a henna artist painting beautiful patterns onto customers hands. Henna is the use of a prepared dye extracted from the plant Lawsonia inermis and is traditionally used to stain the skin in shapes of mandalas, flowers and many other patterns to intensify beauty. Lots of the […]


Insects of Mulu

  Once again in Mulu is was the Lantern Bugs that really caught our attention from the insect world. These are two of the very rarely seen (even by Henry) Pyrops cultellata while this one (below) is Zanna nobilis with a particularly spikey ‘nose’. We saw Pyrops intricatus again (below green) but not Pyrops sultanus (below white) that we saw in July. Having […]


Coelogyne barbata – 365 days of orchids – day 1045

While we are away in Borneo the greenhouse is being managed by our Cool Asia team – Alexandra. Ellie and Lily. You can almost see them behind this week’s prize orchid Coelogyne barbata. Barbata means ‘bearded’ and the bearded coelogyne is a truly spectacular thing. This plant has been growing in Cool Asia since 1998 […]