Psygmorchis pusilla – 365 days of orchids – day 950

Psygmorchis pusilla (previously called Oncidium pusilla) which is a large flowered miniature twig epiphyte from Central America. The plant here is 3cm high with a 2cm bright yellow flower. This is a species we have seen growing in Guatemala and Belize in hot dryish lowland forest on thin branches and twigs. The photo below was […]


Animals of Sarawak – a few interesting species in Mulu National Park

  The diversity we found in Mulu was breathtaking – here are a few examples. Above we have two forms of Lantern Bug (Zanna chinensis) Both the green and white ones have a strange elongated heat with a light bulb (not a lightbulb) on the end – hence the name. The largest snail ion South […]