Star plants on our display

Dendrobium delicatum – this plant started at the school as a donation in 1991

Coelogyne nitida – this is the limoniana for with a lemon yellow lip rather than the usual orange yellow

Coelogyne cristata – These plants are all different from the ones that went to Paris and make a fantastic show through the centre of our display

Dendrobium nobole at the top of our tall tree – looking just as it does in Sikkim

Ochlioda noezliana – a hummingbird pollinated species, hence the bright colour

Cymbidium devonianum – a shade loving cool species from the Himalayas

Trichoglottis pusilla – a stunning miniature from Java

Porroglossum meridionale – another lovely miniature


Cattleya trianae alba with large fragrant flowers – the nation flower of Colombia

Vanda tricolour var suarvis – a very fragrant large growing species from Java

Prothechea cochleata is a species we have seen growing in lowland forests in Guatemala and Belize

Leptotes bicolor from Brazil


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