Orchids of Estonia at the Hardy Orchid Day (Sun 4th Nov at the British Orchid Show and Congress)

 Simon Tarrant

We are delighted that the Sunday of the British Orchid Show and Congress will include a ‘Hardy Orchid Day’ with lectures and workshops covering British native orchids, UK reintroduction projects, hardy orchid culture and propagation, and European travel to see orchids in the wild. Amongst the speakers will be Simon Tarrant talking on “Orchids and Conservation in Estonia”.

Simon Tarrant is an amateur orchid enthusiast and photographer. He is also the Publicity Officer for the UK-based Hardy Orchid Society. Simon has spent many years exploring different parts of Europe in search of orchids. Over the years his travels have focussed increasingly on East European countries as travel to them has become easier and Simon has visited Estonia several times at different seasons. Estonia has a rich orchid flora, with around 35 species to be found. The best populations of orchids are in the west of the  country, especially on the island of Saaremaa in the Baltic. Most recently he has led a group of British orchid enthusiasts to western Estonia in conjunction with a local tour operator to visit orchid hotspots in the company of local orchid experts, and there are plans for a similar trip in 2019.

All registrants will have access to the Hardy Orchid Day lectures along with those who register just for the Hardy Orchid day. Registration and further information is available at wsbeorchids.org/bos2018/ and we hope to have the full finalised programme for the Hardy Orchid Day by next week.


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