New article published – Growing Cool Asian Orchids at Writhlington

The newest addition under our Orchid Culture tab is a full article about the way that we grow cool Asian orchids at School based on our observations of the forests of Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh in the Himalayas. Do have a look and tell us what you think.

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  1. Advice to me has always been to stand Coelogynes, like Coel. cristata, in water through the summer and keep them dry over winter. This has never worked for me and I’ve never been able to grow or flower them successfully. Tomorrow I’ll be reorganising the greenhouse and moving the few cool growing ones that have somehow managed to survived my bumbling attempts to keep them alive into a more accessible place for winter watering. I can’t wait for you to do one on South American cloud forest species. Thanks Simon.

    • Simon Pugh-Jones says:

      Good luck Debbie – and thanks for your comment. There is nothing quite like standing under a tree with your favourite plant growing on it to help you understand how to grow it in your greenhouse. I advise everyone to go on an eco tour to a tropical forest reserve and support the efforts of the locals working to preserve their biodiversity and benefit their local communities.