More news from the Malvern Show

We had a great weekend here at Malvern thanks to the efforts of our great volunteers and all our orchid growing friends that make the show so special.

Here is the Saturday team looking very happy after a long day in the tent.

Summarising some of the awards: Aerides odorata won the trophy for best trade species along with bast Vanda and a cultural certificate from the RHS.


Brassavola tuberculata won best trade Cattleya and a cultural certificate from the RHS

Dendrobium victoria regina ‘Zoe Barnes’ won best Dendrobium a cultural certificate from the RHS for Jacob.

Dactylorhiza fuchsii won best trade hardy species.

Coelogyne nitida – best trade Coelogyne

Scaphosepalum verrucosum best trade Pleurothallis, and Masdevallia rolfeana, best trade Masdevallia.

The awards for seconds went to Renanthera imschootiana, Dendobium densiflorum, Masdevallia coccinea, Prosthechea cochleata and Stelis maculata.




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