Make a stand against fake orchids

I have just been to Lidl to buy flowers and was shocked to see a tray of dyed phalaenopsis plants (the dye is injected into the stem of a white phalaenopsis to turn the flowers blue, green and purple) with no indication to unwary customers that these plants are not what they appear. The advert online (above) again fails to mention that the flowers colour is fake. Why does this make me so angry? Is it the lack of respect for the natural plants? The hoodwinking of customers? The total lack of ethical trading? It is probably that I expected better of Lidl – that will teach me.

I have complained and I suggest everyone complains or how long will it be before the food is fake too? – or perhaps it is already?



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  1. Agnes Jones says:

    I have seen this in Tesco and Sainsbury’s. Katherine tells me that Homebase sold blue ones too but the packaging had a warning that the flowers would go back to white. I first saw this practice of dying of flowers in France about15 years ago with chrysanthemums, even covered in glitter as well.

    I hate fake it is lying and agree with you that it is disgusting, wrong and against nature. There is nothing more beautiful than a natural flower. Perhaps we should do a survey to see how many retailers carry out this practice.