Leif Bersweden to lecture at the British Orchid Show and Congress – Writhlington 3rd November

We are delighted that amongst our speakers at the British Orchid Show in November we have Leif Bersweden from Kew who is a leading member of the young generation of scientists passionate to plants back on the map. He is best known for his acclaimed book ‘The Orchid Hunter: a young botanists search for happiness’

Leif’s PhD focusses on four orchid species, Lady Orchid, Man Orchid, Monkey Orchid and Military Orchid and the hybrids common between them. As part of the Science symposium (on Saturday 3rd November) Leif will be sharing what he has discovered through hid DNA analysis. We can’t wait.

The Science Symposium lectures are open to all registrants at the show as well as those who just register for the Saturday Science Symposium. (all registrations through www.wsbeorchids.org/bos2018 ) Public visitors to the show on Saturday will be able to upgrade their show entry to symposium access for an extra £5 on the day.


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  1. Agnes Jones says:

    Just bought this man’s book today. I hope it is a good read!