Judging classes for the British orchid Show – Nov 2nd-4th 2018

Do you have the plants that will win the awards at this years British orchid Show? Our Dendrochilum cobbianum shown above was winner of the Best Species and Best in Show at the last British orchid Congress (Norwich 2016). It is looking even better in the school greenhouse this year BUT it is not going to win again as it will be staying in the greenhouse for visitors to admire and see how we grow our orchids.

The full judging schedule for the show is shown below and all plants displayed at the show will be eligible. If you have a plant you would like to bring along to show and you are not a member of an orchid society displaying at the event we will have a table available for individuals entries.

Paphiopedilum species
Paphiopedilum Hybrid
Phragmipedium species
Phragmipedium Hybrid
Dendrobiinae species
Dendrobiinae Hybrid
Laeliinae species
Laeliinae Hybrid.
Lycastinae & Maxillariinae species
Lycastinae & Maxillariinae Hybrid
Oncidiinae species
Oncidiinae Hybrid
Pleurothallidinae species or hybrid (excluding Masdevallia)
Masdevallia Species
Masdevallia Hybrid
Vandeae species (not including Phalaenopsis)
Vandeae Hybrid (not including Phalaenopsis)
Phalaenopsis species
Phalaenopsis hybrid
Cymbidineae species
Cymbidineae hybrid
Coelogyneae species or hybrid
Bulbophyllum species or hybrid
Any other species (excluding hardy orchids)
Any other Hybrid (excluding hardy orchids)
Any hardy orchid
Grand Champion species
Grand Champion Hybrid
Grand Champion Plant in Show
Best display staged by an individual amateur or amateur Society
Best display staged by a professional orchid grower
Best Scientific Display
Best Photographic Display

Each plant class will have a first and a second. There will be reserve champions and commended displays in both Amateur and Trade classes.

All classes will win a take home trophy and all awarded plants will receive rosettes.

Set up must be completed by 4.30pm on Friday 2nd November and judging takes place from 8-10am on Saturday 3rd November. A reminder to those staging plants is that anyone who is not a registrant will need to purchase a preview evening ticket to take part in the Friday Preview evening from 6-9pm.


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