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  1. Paul Eaton says:

    I am very interested in venturing west in November to visit the British Orchid Congress and British Orchid Show at Writhlington School. So would like more details of the program timings etc. Living in East Anglia, I would also appreciate the opportunity to visit your school to see your greenhouses and other facilities.
    Can I also take this opportunity to thank you for your daily postings of orchids in flower, and the events that you attend. I appreciate how much hard work goes into providing this on a regular basis. It is very helpful in gradually building up my knowledge of this wonderful genus of plants. I am becoming more and more fascinated by them, and really enjoy watching my collection develop and grow. One is never to old to learn, even in retirement.
    Thank You, Paul Eaton.

    • Simon Pugh-Jones says:

      Thanks for your comment Paul. The next newsletter (coming out this week will have more details on timings but if you register for the whole weekend there is a preview evening with free buffet on the Friday evening 6-9pm and then two public show days on saturday and sunday. There will be public lectures on these days as well as more specialist talks for regitsrants focussing on science and conservation on Saturday and hardy orchids (culture, finding them in Europe and the UK, propagation) on Sunday.