Cymbidium tigrinum x erythrostylum (bonus hybrid)

Regular visitors to 365 days of orchids will know that we feature an orchid species in flower every day, but we do have a few primary hybrids as a bonus. This is a small growing miniature orchid from a cross we made about eight years ago between the two small growing Cymbidium species Cymbidium tigrinum and Cymbidium erythrostylum (photos and links below) One of the great things about primary hybrids is spotting the genetic characteristics from each parent. Have a go at spot the the genes. We hope to have this plant on our display at the Malvern International Orchid Show (Three Counties Show) from Friday this week for anyone who would like a closer look. If anyone purchased a seedling and has flowered it we would love to see a photo from other clones.

 tigrinum x  erythrostylum



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