Christmas in the greenhouse

The greenhouse on Christmas Day is always peaceful as the School is locked for the holiday and the campus is left for the local wildlife. This morning the local pair of Ravens (they nest in disused quarries nearby) are strutting about the grass looking for worms flushed out by the rain.

The greenhouse is full of winter slendour and spring promise.

The Temperate section has lots of grand Cymbidium spikes including the very fragrant Cymbidium tracyanum.

Cool America’s is still pink with Laelia anceps.

The classroom is full of sale plants ready for next tear’s shows.

Warm America’s has a wonderful display from the Barkerias.

Warm Asia and Cool Asia are full of buds and emerging flower spikes ready for the new year and everywhere plants are growing and flourishing.

It looks as though 2019 will be a great year – Happy Christmas


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