Calling all windowsill orchid growers

Here on 365 days of orchids we tend to feature the orchids growing in the Writhlington/Mendip School glasshouses but of course lots of the Orchid Project team grow on windowsills too. These two coelogynes and been growing on my bathroom windowsill for the last couple of years and are flourishing – the window faces East and so gets morning sun only and the ceramic bottle is full of rain water from my greenhouse (so has food in too especially in the summer) As you can see the Coelogyne nitida is in full flower, the Coelogyne cristata flowered in February. The room is cool because of the tinted window we installed (click here to read about the services that we hired to install them) and the plants are watered every couple of days. You can also ask experts whether can tinting lower your utility bills to know more about it.The large coffee cups they grow in have been drilled with a small diamond core drill to give drainage.

Having these plants growing so well makes me think it would be nice to share photos of orchids on windowsills from some of our followers on the website/twitter/facebook. If you have a photo of your plants you would like to share please e-mail it with any details of culture to our website wsbeorchids@gmail.com



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  1. Gareth Buckle says:

    You should get a picture from Jess of what was our living room window collection