Awards for the Orchid Project at Paris

As promised we have a full list of awards. We are delighted that as well as Grand Champion we have won more 1st prizes and Best in Class awards than any other orchid society, trade or institution – a real tribute to the Orchid Growers of Writhlington and Mendip Studio Schools.

 Odontoglossum cristatum – winner of 1st Oncidinae species,  Best Oncidinae trophy, Best Species Trophy and Grand Champion trophy.

 Coelogyne cristata ‘alba’ – winner of 1st Coelogyne spreies, Best Coelogyne trophy

 Phalaenopsis manii – 1st Phalaenopsis species, Best Phalaenopsis trophy

 Epidendrum parkinsonianum, 1st Laeliniae species

 Coelogyne holochila, 2nd Coelogyne species

 Poroglossum meridionale – 2nd Pleurothallidinae species

 Epidendrum centopetalum – 2nd Laeliniae species

 Dendrobium mohlianum – 2nd Dendrobium species

 Cymbidium devonianum – 3rd Cymbidium species



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  1. Gareth Buckle says:

    Incredible well done to you all and that goes for those still at the school it’s going to be a job to beat this in london

  2. AgnesJones says:

    You will need a bigger van to get all these prizes home Simon! I am so pleased for you. You have worked so hard and really deserve them. Well done.

  3. Nancy Benay says:

    Congratulations on your beautiful display and for the diversity and quality of the individual orchids in the display. Well deserved.

  4. Zoe Parfitt says:

    What an incredible achievement. Display looks amazing and the plants, wow, stunning. Simon you must be so proud of the team! Congratulations to you all.

    • Simon Pugh-Jones says:

      Thanks Zoe – we have had so many visitors amazed by our large Coelogyne cristata and it has been great to point out that in the 26 years we have had it growing at school (from a tiny plant) it has been cared for by many generations of students, and it is only because all of these students have cared for it so well that it looks so brilliant today.

  5. Zoe Parfitt says:

    And the Epidendrum parkinsonianum, what a plant that has become! I used to hate it, but it looks incredible!

  6. Annie PJ says:

    What an amazing amount of fantastic plants, what good plants people you all are!
    Well done to to everyone in the orchid project.

  7. Charles Stuart says:

    Most excellent. What an encouragement to the students