A tour of our display

As we start the last day of the European Orchid Show it seems a good idea to give a little tour of our display – something the team have given thousands of visitors over the past two days.

As you approach the display your view is dominated by the whites our Coelogyne cristata and Dendrobium x delicatum in the foreground and the form of the ‘trees’ on the left and towering above the display at the back.

The smaller tree is covered by species including the awarded Phalaenopsis manii, Dendrobium mohlianum and Cymbidium devonianum. It also has some of our miniatures (Bulbophyllum triste and Macroclinium chasei) and Jacob cleverly suspended a magnifying glass to encourage visitors to look closely at these species. It appears we have both the largest orchid on display and the smallest.

From the other end of the display you can see the species on the tall tree – Grand Champion, Odontoglossum cristatum, Epidendrum parkinsonianum and many smaller species alongside our monster Coelogyne holochila


This must surely rank as one of the best displays we have ever put together and a real testament to the efforts of all the students in the Orchid Project


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  1. Agnes jones says:

    This is an absolutely fantastic display. You have a true artistic gift as well as being intellectually clever. It is no wonder you have one so many prizes. Thank you for taking the time to show us all what you have all been up to. It is wonderful.

  2. Gareth Buckle says:


  3. Larry Bracewell says:

    Well done Simon and the team, outstanding !