365 days of orchids – day 725 – Stelis congesta

We have finally broken up for Christmas and a well earned break after a busy year in 2018. For the first day of the holidays we have the cutest of miniatures.

Most Stelis species have spikes of small flowers but these are smaller than most (the plant is in a 3cm pot) and pinky brown. The plant makes up for the size of the flowers by producing them in splendid abundance. This plant will be in flower for at least six weeks now with multiple spikes appearing from the base of all the leaves.

Stelis congesta is endemic to Ecuador where it grows in cloud forests at around 1900m. Over  time it lives up to its name and produces a mass of upright leaves and flower spikes.

The flowers are only about 3-4mm across but the mass of flowers give a very attractive display. We find the species vigorous and easy to propagate by division and a very rewarding little species to brighten up the winter greenhouse.

Happy holidays.


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