365 days of orchids – day 703 – Dendrobium trinervium

This lovely miniature dendrobium is new to 365 days and is a species native to Thailand and Peninsular Malaya where it grows in warm lowland forest at around 100m altitude. In this habitat it will experience year round warm temperatures and little seasonal variation. It is not strongly deciduous though only seems to flower from nodes along the newer pseudobulbs.

The plant shown first flowered from tiny 2.5cm bulbs but this year they have now grown to 5cm and produced a lot more flowers. It is still one of the smallest dendrobiums we grow and we expect it to make a stunning ball or growths in time.

The species naturally grows a little warmer than we keep our Warm Asia section (Min 18C) so we grow the species high up in the greenhouse (where it is warmest) but shaded throughout the year. We spray it daily and as you can see it produces lots of roots that cling to its bark mount..


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  1. Charlotte Griffiths says:

    Hi, I have what I think is a miniature Dendrobium, brought back from Bangkok as one of many seedlings about eight years ago. Only one survived and has grown only a little since with no flowers. How can I help it thrive?

  2. Jacques CEURTVRIEND says:

    Why so much keiki’s? Mine is on a corckwood…

    • Simon Pugh-Jones says:

      Can you send a photo? Excessive keikis may be a response to a problem with the main plant – rotten roots, too dry etc – our plant enjoys shade and wet conditions but perfect drainage. The keikis give an opportunity to try different conditions for the species – an interesting experiment.