365 days of orchids – day 702 – Trichoglottis pusilla

Miniature week continues with this gorgeous little Asian species.

Trichoglottis pusilla is native to Java where it grows in rain forest from 1000 to 2000m altitude. It is a true miniature with a leaf span of 5cm but large dramatic flowers which hang down from the plant.

We grow this species mounted in Warm Asia where it lives high up but shaded on a mesh frame that allows good air movement but easy spraying with rain water and feed every day.

Pusilla means tiny and so this is the tiny Trichoglottis but it is getting bigger with time. In In spring 2017  this plant had two flowers (see photo  below) and this is its second flowering since with five flowers. Nevertheless it has a way to go before we have to stop calling it a miniature.

Photographing your plants to record how they develop is a very useful tool.


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