365 days of orchids – day 684 – Pleurothallis tuerkheimii (smaller form)

Last month we featured our large clone of Pleurothallis tuerkheimii and today we feature the smaller growing and pendulous clone.

The natural habitat of the species is damp forests and cloud forests from Mexico to Panama between 700m and 2400m altitude. As I explained last month, this broad natural range supports our observation that this is an adaptable and accommodating plant to grow.

In comparing the two forms the smaller pendulous form seems much less tolerant of high temperatures and bright light (suggesting it is found at higher altitudes than the larger form) and as a result we grow the  plant in deep shade low in the Cool Americas section against a north facing wall.

The larger clone is shown below and shows the upright growth and spike habit compared to the dramatically pendulous habit of todays form.

One of the delights in observing and growing orchids is to spot the variations within a species and we love to hear any observations on this species or others we feature.




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  1. Mark Wilson says:

    P. tuerckheimii is now Stelis megachlamys