365 days of orchids – day 678 – Coelogyne fimbriata

Today has been a fantastic day at the British Orchid show and the greenhouse has been full of people learning about our plants. One specimen that has surprised people just because of its gigantic size is this Coelogyne fimbriata which is more than 2m wide in all directions and 2.5m tall. It is covered with pretty little flowers but to be honest would’t make the neatest windowsill plant.

We do have much smaller growing neater clones of this very variable species that we have seen growing in Sikkim and Laos where it climbs through the lower branches in open forest at around 1200-1500m.

We grow this species cool (min 10C) in our cool Asia section and water well all year but keep it particularly wet in the summer.


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  1. We had a lovely time at the show – it was good to be back, and it’s a great venue. There were some gorgeous displays by the various societies, and some lovely plants for sale. Thank you Simon and your students for all your hard work. It was well worth the effort.

  2. Keith Jackson says:

    I bought a very much smaller one of these from Burnham Orchids earlier this year and it seems to be doing well, with several new growths, but it’s several years from flowering, I think.

    I know they ramble and that it isn’t necessary to keep all of the roots in medium but how large a pot/mount is under that monster to keep it in good condition? How easy is it to get water/feed to where it needs to be?

    • Simon Pugh-Jones says:

      There is a small basket in there somewhere and lots of moss which we push into the roots