365 days of orchids – day 654 – Cattleya maxima ‘coerulea’

On Friday we gave you Cattleya maxima and I refered to the ‘coerulea’ variety we have today. Coerulea means blue but in this case the flowers are a very pale grey version of blue but despite this they are elegant large flowers with the delicate shape and intricate lip characteristic of Cattleya maxima.

Here is a reminder of the more normal variety

The two plants out together show the wonderful diversity present in so many orchid species and we would not be without either.

Rather excitingly we have seed germinated of a cross between the two varieties and it will be lovely in about five years time to see how these turn out.

As we said on Friday, Cattleya maxima is native to South America from Venezuela down to Peru. It grows in forests from sea level up to 1500m and so is warm growing.


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  1. Agnes Jones says:

    Simon you have forgotten to say that these two beautiful orchids will be on display in the school greenhouses at the British Orchid Show hosted by Writhlington School on 3rd & 4th November. We hope to see you there !