365 days of orchids – day 606 – Coelogyne pulverula

Today we do have a bee pollinated orchid for the Bee and Pollination Festival

This dramatic Coelogyne flowers reliably in August but as you can see the flower spikes are very long and pendulous making this not the easiest plant to transport for display. However, it is worth the effort.

The species is native to Malaysia, Thailand and Borneo where it grown on the trunks and lower branches of large trees in evergreen forest from 300 to 1800m. We find that the species enjoys growing warm but well shaded and kept moist throughout the year.  We find that leaves can become damaged by bright sun or by plants being allowed to become dry for long periods.

The flowers do bruise quite easily and so it is worth moving a plant in spike to a safe place for the flower spikes to grow where they can’t touch things or be knocked.



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