365 days of orchids – day 502 – Pleurothallis ruscifolia

Pleurothallis ruscifolia is a medium sized plant that produces clusters of small yellow flowers several times during the year. Our plant last flowered in January and is again smothered in flowers.

This is an orchid we found growing abundantly in cool wet forest in Costa Rica on the Poas volcano at an altitude of around 1400m. Most of the plants we saw were growing on the trunks or lower branches of large evergreen trees and so spent much of their time in deep shade. We visited Costa Rica in July and found that on Poas it rained heavily every day. The rain usually arrived at about 12.30 and continued until about 4pm.

We grow the species mounted and in pots in Cool Americas and keep it watered all year to reflect the climate it has evolved for.


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